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SECOND Annual Benefit Ultramarathon!


I’m so excited to announce we are planning the SECOND annual Wildland 52k Ultramarathon!

When: September 14, 2019, 6:30am-6:30pm

Where: Jemez Springs, NM

Who: Anyone who has completed a mountain trail ultramarathon.  Well, the first 30 to sign up, at least!


Q:  When does registration open?

A:  March 15, 12:00am

Q:  What is the cut-off time?

A:  12 Hours to finish the race.  There is a 5 minute allowance if you get a massage on       Cerro Pelado.   Hahaha  Yep. I’m serious.

Q:  What is the sports drink?

A:  We’re hoping Tailwind again!  You are welcome to bring something else for your         drop bags, but we won’t be able to offer any sports drink other than the sponsoring           provider.

Q:  Will there be a shorter race?

A:  21 Miler! The “big loop” of the 52k course.

Q:  Will there be a relay?

A:  We are looking into this; however, if we do, it will be limited to first responders only (Firefighter, EMT or Police; may be combined).

Q: Is the course the same?

A: We are hoping to be able to keep the same course, but may have to change the start due to it being on private property.  If it must be changed, it will start and finish in the same location to make it simpler logistically for runners.  We will do all we can to keep the same amount of elevation, however; if we have to decide between easier or harder, we will go with “harder”.  We should know soon if there is a change.

More details to come soon!

Course Information

Course Profile, 52k

The course profile of the proposed of the Wildland 52! There’s approx. 8 miles before the main loop that are up for debate, as it is partially on private property (lawyers are reviewing it). Initially, this course shown below was the add on to the original 52k course, in efforts to make it 52 miles. But, after extensive exploring and many course adjustments I’m in LOVE with this section of the race and it’s now the core of the 52k!

Why? It’s a gorgeous slog. It’s Type 2 Fun at it’s finest. Steep ups and downs (no weak ankles or fragile tailbones, please), super technical terrain requiring quick-on-your-toes footing that gives way to wide grassy meadows that will make you want to whirl and sing your way through them. Not to mention the best views in the Jemez, and SO MANY unexpected historical surprises that tie this course to wildland fires and the wildland firefighting community. This IS Wildland!!!

Course Profile

*This elevation profile is for the proposed course.  The map is not being provided due to a two-mile segment on private property; we are awaiting approval from the land-owners and their lawyers.  If the deny our proposal, there is an alternate route planned that will provide a similar profile, but start with a descent and then a climb.

Thank you for your patience!