Course Information (2019 course)

LEG 1– Start @ Second Alarm Brewery in Jemez Springs ->> Jemez Falls AS

Distance: 12.87 km /8.0 mi          Elevation: +2,638’/-924

LEG 2– Jemez Falls AS ->> McCaulley Warm Springs ->> Jemez Falls AS:  Clockwise

Distance:  7.18 km/4.5 mi          Elevation: +1,270’/-1,270′

LEG 3 – Jemez Falls AS ->> Cerro Pelado AS ->>Jemez Falls Finish: Counterclockwise

Distance: 32.78 km/19.9 mi     Elevation: +4,471’/-4,473′

Jemez Falls will provide Full Aid at the end of the first and second leg and serve as the race FINISH.

Cerro Pelado will also have Full Aid.

There are three limited aid stations that will have water, first aid and be used for accountability/safety.

Please note: The race start will be in Jemez Springs, NM and run through the beautiful historic ruins of the Jemez Historic site, then to the top of Cat Mesa via private property.  Part of our agreement is to not disclose the trail until race day, and only to runners and EMS personnel, as it is being made available to us with special permission.  Thus, the course map provided will not show the majority of the first leg.  We ask that you be respectful of their wishes and not share the trail information with others and refrain from traveling the trail outside of race day.  There is much local and fire history associated with the trail, which makes it so special to this race and we do not want to lose our privileges.  If one is caught on the trail outside of race day, they will be disqualified from the race with no refund and banned from future events.  Thank you for your cooperation ad understanding.

Course Profile


2.2 mi          Cat Mesa  Limited AS/Checkpoint,  No Crew Access

8.18 mi       Jemez Falls Gazebo  Full AS,  Crew Access

12.9 mi       Jemez Falls Gazebo  Full AS,  Crew Access

18.7 mi      Dozer Line,  Limited AS/Checkpoint,  No Crew Access  *Cut-off Time: 12:30pm

22 mi         Cerro Pelado Lookout,  Full AS, Massage,  Crew Access (4wd) *Cut-off Time:  2:30pm

27.5 mi     Hwy 4 Junction,  Limited AS/Checkpoint,  No Crew Access

32.3 mi     Jemez Falls Gazebo **FINISH**

21.5 Mile Race

Not ready to take on the full 52 kilometers? Join us for the “Big Loop” of the Wildland 52 course! Still boasting technical trails, steep ascents and glorious descents, you’ll gain 4,851′ in elevation and lose 4,830′ in 21.5 (well, super close), but the high meadows, ridges, and best views in the Jemez will make it worth the effort!

***Course is the “third leg” of the Wildland 52k race above.

While the entry fee is not the cheapest the majority of it goes to support our Wildland Firefighters. In addition to the $52.00 donation, your fee will include race entry, race shirt, 2 post race beers of your choice (including rootbeer) and food and finisher’s award.

Race START is at 8:00am at Jemez Falls Picnic Area; FINISH is at the same location.
Cut-off times will exist; you must leave Cerro Pelado by 1:30pm (7.22 miles and 3,241′ climb) and the Meadow AS by 3:30 (13.31 miles and 1,610′ elevation gain). Race Finish Cutoff is 6:30pm.


We’re excited to announce relay team options for 2019!
Sign up for a two, three or four person relay team; its a great way build comradery, sample the course and get out to explore new trails while testing yourself.
The course presently consists of three legs:
Leg 1: 8 miles, elevation: +2,638’/-924′
Leg 2: 4.5 miles, elevation: +1,270’/-1,270′
Leg 3: 20.2 miles, elevation: +4,852’/-4,856′

a fourth option will be created for the relays:
Leg 3 will be split into two sections:
3A- Jemez Falls to Cerro Pelado: 7.22 miles, elevation: +3,324’/-1,049′
3B – Cerro Pelado to Jemez Falls: 13.4 miles, elevation: +1,627/-3,807′

For the relay, the course will be split as follows:
2P: Runner 1- Legs 1 & 2; Runner 2: Legs 3A and 3B
3P: Runner 1- Legs 1& 2, Runner 2: 3A, Runner 3: 3B
4P: Runner 1 – Leg 1, Runner 2: Leg 2, Runner 3: Leg 3A, Runner 4: Leg 3B

Runners are responsible for getting to and from each transfer station; there is no shuttle service for relay teams. Legs 1 and 3 are remote on dirt roads and will require vehicles with descent clearance. Though not often necessary; conditions such as previous rains may cause the roads to be more difficult to pass and 4wd capability is recommended.

**Yes, the entry fees are not the lowest, but each runner’s entry includes: donation amount ($52.00 per runner) to WFGI and EMF, 2 post race drink tickets (beer), other beverages, and food, race shirt and finisher’s award. As there will be a variety of team options, and the possibility of only one team size exists, relays are considered a “fun run” and there will not be awards for time or place.

Cut-off times will exist for the “Long Loop” regardless of number of runners on your relay team. Runner for the “4th Leg” must leave Cerro Pelado by 1:30pm (7.22 miles and 3,241′ climb) and the Meadow AS by 3:30 (6.1 miles from Cerro Pelado and 1,610′ elevation gain). Race Finish (7.3 miles, mostly down hill or even terrain) Cutoff is 6:30pm.

Number of Entries

This year’s race is presently limited to 30 runners/teams; as there will only be one relay team member on the course at any given time, we can accommodate a combination of individual runners and teams; teams will count as “one runner”. Entry for the full ultra distance is limited to those with prior mountain ultramarathon experience; while relay teams are not; however, please understand this is a technical and steep course that includes established trails, off-trail sections, loose and hardpacked uneven surfaces.


Due to this being a benefit race with a small field, we cannot offer refunds or defer entries to next year. No bib transfers, please. Thank you for your understanding.