Race Information

Updates and other ramblings for 2019

Summer’s here, and the race is just a few months away, so I figure I better post up.


I’ve not been out on the complete course, yet, but on much of it. The first leg and second leg are in pretty good shape and will stay as they were.

The third leg: The dozer line is in pretty good shape; so much so that the elk have been using it, but they don’t tread lightly, so it’s a bit loose. There’s some big trees down between the second and third peaks of the summit ridge that will need to be cleared, as well as a few on the descent from the meadow to highway 4.

Trail 137 between Hwy 4 and Hwy 4 towards the end is closed for fire mitigation. I’ve been told that the forest service will be making it a priority to get it done by August but may need help from volunteers to get the trail in good shape. Just in case weather or other uncontrollable circumstances keep it from happening, I am looking at alternative routes in the meantime. Of course, if I find something that looks better than 137, we’ll propose the change to the USFS and go with it.

COURSE SCOUTING/REMINDERS: A Friendly Reminder that the first leg is on private property and we are to avoid that section up the canyon at all costs until race day. Sharing the location or accessing it outside of race day will result in the associated runner’s race entry being pulled with no refund.

Additionally, if you are planning on running the second leg, please be very discreet when leaving the established trail We are approved for the route for the race, but due to the steep and difficult nature of that section, as well as there being no obvious trail/route, we do not want curious, less experienced hikers to get in over their heads.

For the third leg, best to avoid the lower part (burn scar) during windy days and remember there are bears and mountain lions; I’ve seen lots of signs of both. Wear your bear bells, talk out loud to yourself or run with a partner- for your safety and the bears! Cats…? Well. Run with someone and good luck. 😀

And don’t forget registration closes August 1!

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